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暗黑破坏神: 地狱火 封面

暗黑破坏神: 地狱火是雪乐山在线(Sierra On-Line),(现名雪乐山娱乐(Sierra Entertainment)),为电脑游戏暗黑破坏神制作的一部资料片. 该资料片由雪乐山公司旗下互动软件(Synergistic Software)开发并于1997年发售.



地狱火的故事线是原暗黑破坏神游戏故事主线的一个分支. 一个女巫,当她在主持一个宗教仪式的时候, 无意中将恶魔纳克鲁释放到了崔斯特凯姆镇上, 不过在它完全逃脱之前, 这个女巫用魔法封印了大门. 玩家此后获取了任务去探险纳克鲁的巢穴并消灭它.

纳克鲁被召唤进入了庇护所 {{#ev:youtube|BXaiNpmDJrw}}

地狱火资料片比暗黑破坏神1增强了一些内容, 包括一个新添加的模板:H(Monk)游戏角色, 2个全新的地牢, 分别称作腐朽的巢穴恶魔的地府, 新增加的游戏任务, 几个额外的游戏物品, 包括影响物品属性的油, 能够设置成现金的神符, 一页新的法术, 武器护甲的新的前词缀, 新的神坛, 新的敌人小首领的名字, 显著提高了的暗黑破坏神的力量和能力, 以及很多游戏界面的改善。

Hellfire integrates into Diablo, and because of its design, its dungeons can be avoided entirely. In order to gain access to the dungeons, the player must speak with Lester, who is north of Tristram, near the herd of cows. However, if the player speaks to Lester before reaching a certain point of the main Diablo quest, he will be hesitant to ask them to enter the new dungeons.

The rest of the expansion integrates more fully into the main adventure. Objects like oils, new weapons, rings and armor, and runes drop amid other more common kinds of items, and the new spellbooks, including books for two previously existing spells that did not have books, and scrolls are found in the same kinds of places. New shrines are found where shrines would normally be found. The new unique monsters, which appear as palette-swapped, but otherwise normal monsters with a unique name, also appear in the Diablo quest like any other. It should be noted, however, that there are almost no unique monsters found within Hellfire's exclusive dungeons. The Hellfire dungeons are populated with new enemies that do not appear in the main Diablo quest, however. The difficulty of Hellfire dungeon floors 1-8 mirror those of levels 9-16 of the main Diablo quest, requiring experienced characters to explore.

Some of the newer convenience features include the option to move more quickly around town using the "jog" toggle found in the options menu, a spell that highlights objects lying on the floor as though the cursor was placed over them, and a spell that teleports the player to the nearest exit found on that level of the dungeon.

Hellfire is the only expansion pack released for Diablo. Blizzard Entertainment has never released an official expansion of its own.


Hellfire generally received favorable reviews from the game magazines at the time.[1]


Criticisms of the expansion include:


The Hellfire storyline is not taken into account during Diablo II. It was not released as a part of the Diablo Battle Chest, but did receive its own Diablo/Hellfire bundle, published in 1998 by Blizzard Entertainment.[2]

However, in Diablo II, Blizzard North later implemented insect caves and crypts that bear similarities to those in Hellfire. A few of the convenience features introduced in Hellfire were also added in Diablo II as fully-fledged functions, such as being able to run to cover ground more quickly, and being able to highlight items lying on the floor by button press, instead of by spell.

Hidden characters and quests

Two additional characters, the Bard and Barbarian, and two additional quests can be enabled with a special text-file edit in the Hellfire installation directory. This is accessed by modifying the Command.txt file.

As test characters, these classes have new skills and attributes. The Bard can use two one-handed weapons, one in each hand. The Barbarian can hold certain two-handed weapons in one hand, and carry a shield in the other. They do not have unique character graphics developed for them, appearing in-game as the rogue and the warrior, respectively.

The hidden quests are the Theo quest and the cow quest. The cow quest appears first by turning Lester, who allows the player to unlock the hive, into the "Complete Nut", who wears a cow suit. After giving the player a rune bomb to open the hive level, he will send the player off to recover his suit. Once the player returns the brown suit to him, he rewards them with the Bovine Plate. The cow quest was based on an internet joke that directed players to complete a series of silly objectives to unlock a secret cow quest.

The Theo quest is given by a little girl standing by a tree near Adria's shack. The player must kill the Hork Demon to retrieve Theo and acquire the reward. If this quest is not activated, the Hork Demon drops the amulet himself with no diverting storyline.


Diablo was an archetype of the modded video game. There are quite a few modifications for both Diablo and Diablo: Hellfire. Diablo: The Hell is the most recent one among them. Its English forum tries to cover all other mods for the game as well.

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