The Prime Evils


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For a list of the all the main demons of Hell, see "Great Evils"
For the less-powerful Lords of Hell, see "Lesser Evils"
For a list of minor demons, see "Demons"
The Three Prime Evils as seen in Diablo II

Diablo, the Lord of Terror

Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred

Baal, the Lord of Destruction

These are the Prime Evils of Hell that wielded their power as a dark, sovereign triumvirate. The Three Brothers ruled over the Lesser Four by brutal force and malicious cunning. Being the eldest and strongest of the Evils, the Three Brothers were responsible for countless victories against the armies of the Light. Although they never held sway over the High Heavens for long, the Three were justly feared by enemies and subjects alike.

In the original Diablo game, the strongest Prime Evil, Diablo, was captured by the Horadrim and imprisoned inside a soulstone. Diablo was then buried deep beneath caverns under the town of Tristram. The main story line of Diablo I follows on from there.

After his defeat, Diablo seemed totally banished, but his presence was eventually made manifest inside the mind of the hero who defeated him. Slowly, the hero who slew Diablo was corrupted and driven by Diablo to seek out his two other brothers: Mephisto and Baal. The game Diablo II is where the story picks off from Diablo I, with the player playing a pursuing adventurer, trying to stop Diablo and prevent him from reuniting with his brothers. In the proceedings of Diablo II, Mephisto is defeated and his soulstone is destroyed. Eventually, Diablo himself is defeated and his soulstone is destroyed as well. However, the storyline leaves out what happened to Baal, the third brother, and thus, Diablo II is extended by an expansion pack: Diablo II: Lord of Destruction to explain what happens to Baal.

The expansion pack, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction's storyline introduces a new mythical object into the Diablo Universe, the Worldstone, which is an ancient crystal-rock that exists to prevent the Heavens and the Hells from completely enveloping the mortal realm into their respective folds. Baal is seeking it, inside the innards of Mount Arreat. However, true to the games preceding it, Baal is defeated and the Worldstone is destroyed due to Baal's corruption of it.



Diablo is the Lord of Terror, responsible for the ensuing of mankind with violent images of bloodlust and terror; his prime weapon being the victim's fear. He was originally defeated under the labyrinths beneath Tristram but corrupted the hero who slew him and became the Dark Wanderer, who sought out his brothers, but then was defeated in Hell, by the pursuing adventurer.


Mephisto is the eldest brother, and the Lord of Hatred. He was originally captured by the Horadrim in the deserts near the city of Lut Gholein, the same place Baal was captured as well. He was moved to Kurast and imprisoned inside a Soulstone, and was kept locked inside the Guardian Tower beneath the temple city of Travincal. His eventual corruption of the regional religious heads almost ensured his release, except he was eventually defeated by the pursuing adventurer. Being the Lord of Hatred, he is the most intensely evil brother, whose greatest weapon is his victim's irrational hatreds.


Baal is the last brother in the storyline of the Diablo games. He is the Lord of Destruction and was the only brother to escape the pursuing adventurer. He raised an army of demons and minions and attacked the barbarian homelands of the north, laying siege to the capital city, Sescheron, and finally besieging the last city, Harrogath. He was stopped by the pursuing adventurer and eventually defeated. Baal is the Lord of Destruction and throughout the expansion pack, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, remains true to his title.

Excerpt from the Tale of the Three

"Glory and Approbation to Diablo - Lord of Terror and Leader of the Three.

My Lord spoke to me of his two Brothers, Mephisto and Baal, who were banished to this world long ago. My Lord wishes to bide his time and harness his awesome power so that he may free his captive brothers from their tombs beneath the sands of the East. Once my Lord releases his Brothers, the Sin War will once again know the fury of the Three.

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