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'''Item Repair''' is the warrior class skill. It allows the player to repair damaged items without returning to {{1|Griswold}}. It also doesn't cost any money, but permanently reduces the durability of an item. This makes the skill rather useless beyond the very first levels when the player might change gear on a regular basis.  However, this penalty can be offset in the Hellfire expansion due to the presence of items such as blacksmith oils, making it actually somewhat useful.
'''修补''' 是战士专属技能。它允许玩家自行修理损坏的物品。它不费金钱,但是会永久的减少物品耐久度。这让它在英雄频繁更换装备之后显得一无是处。然而,这个惩罚在[[地狱火]]中,由于铁匠铺油的存在而可以被抵消掉,这使得它还是有价值的。
{{Diablo I Spells}}
{{Diablo I Spells}}

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Item Repair
Item Repair (Diablo I).png
Magic Requirements
Spell Level 1 {{{StartMagic}}}
Requires 255 at Level {{{EndMagic}}}
Mana Cost
Initial Mana Cost {{{StartMana}}}
Reduction per Spell Level {{{ReduceMana}}}
Lowest Mana Cost {{{EndMana}}}
Warrior skill

修补 是战士专属技能。它允许玩家自行修理损坏的物品。它不费金钱,但是会永久的减少物品耐久度。这让它在英雄频繁更换装备之后显得一无是处。然而,这个惩罚在地狱火中,由于铁匠铺油的存在而可以被抵消掉,这使得它还是有价值的。

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