Diablo III Easter Eggs


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(The Secret Unicorn Rainbow Level)
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[[File:Secret-level-unicorn1.jpg|thumb|400px|Rainbow 独角兽的彩虹攻击,由[[Bashiok]]创作.]]
[[File:Secret-level-unicorn1.jpg|thumb|400px|Rainbow 独角兽的彩虹攻击,由[[Bashiok]]创作.]]
The most likely early contender for a secret level style of Easter Egg in Diablo 3 developed shortly after the game was announced. The early fan complaints about rainbows and bright colors that turned into the [[Art Controversy]] led to numerous jokes about rainbows, unicorns, happy clouds, and such. The D3 Team parodied this idea with their hugely-[http://www.diii.net/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=1982 popular Blizzcon 2008 t-shirts], and some months later, when Diablo 3 Community Manager [[Bashiok]] posted a photoshopped Diablo 3 screenshot featuring a unicorn apparently farting a rainbow that created a deadly "love combo" of slaughtered monsters, the "Secret Rainbow Level" rumors were off and running.
If this genesis seems unlikely remember that the {{iw|Secret_Cow_Level Diablo II Secret Cow Level}} got its start in similar fashion; it was a fan rumor in Diablo I that Blizzard ran with, first teasing the level through a humor April Fools' screenshot in 1999. The [[D3 Team]] is under no compunction to include a joke secret level, but Blizzard designers have always shown a good sense of humor, and as famous and enjoyed as the D2 secret level was, they've go to be feeling some pressure to live up to that standard with Diablo III.
Data-mining during the Diablo III beta uncovered numerous clues and strong hints that such a level was in the game, including a mysterious crafting recipe that can be seen below:
[[File:Easter-staff-herding-beta-code1.jpg|center|thumb|800px|The [[Staff of Herding]] crafting recipe, via the [[Blacksmith]], as seen in the Beta patch 10.]]
暗黑3公布不久后,独角兽兽彩虹关卡很可能是最早被提出来的关卡级彩蛋了.早期的粉丝们抱怨暗黑3的气氛过于欢乐,鲜艳.这些抱怨随后则演变成了艺术辩论.接着从这场艺术辩论里又诞生了无数有关彩虹,独角兽和欢乐云彩之类的笑话.暗黑3的开发团队则把这些点子恶搞到了-[http://www.diii.net/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=1982 2008暴雪嘉年华的T恤衫上]],并受到了广泛的欢迎.几个月后,暗黑3社区经理[[Bashiok]]又PS了一张游戏截图,截图里的独角兽对怪物们施放了致命的"爱心连击", 可那明显就是独角兽放的一道彩虹屁。在那之后彩虹关的传言便散播开了.如果这看起来并不现实,那么想想暗黑2,当年奶牛关传言的最初散播方式可跟独角兽关有着相似之处.奶牛关曾来自暗黑1里的一个暗黑迷传闻,他最早在1999年通过一张幽默的愚人节截图取笑了这个关卡.暗黑3的开发团队不会为加上一个搞笑的神秘关卡后悔,但暴雪设计师们总是展现出很好的幽默感,像暗黑2里著名而又有趣的奶牛关一样,要把暗黑3的秘密关卡带到那样的高度设计师们一定会感到很有压力.在暗黑3内测的过程中,数据包的拆解揭开了无数的线索和暗示--这种秘密关卡肯定在游戏中,这其中还包括了一张神秘的工匠配方(在下方展示):
暗黑3公布不久后,独角兽兽彩虹关卡很可能是最早被提出来的关卡级彩蛋了.早期的粉丝们抱怨暗黑3的气氛过于欢乐,鲜艳.这些抱怨随后则演变成了艺术辩论.接着从这场艺术辩论里又诞生了无数有关彩虹,独角兽和欢乐云彩之类的笑话.暗黑3的开发团队则把这些点子恶搞到了-[http://www.diii.net/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=1982 2008暴雪嘉年华的T恤衫上]],并受到了广泛的欢迎.几个月后,暗黑3社区经理[[Bashiok]]又PS了一张游戏截图,截图里的独角兽对怪物们施放了致命的"爱心连击", 可那明显就是独角兽放的一道彩虹屁。在那之后彩虹关的传言便散播开了.如果这看起来并不现实,那么想想暗黑2,当年奶牛关传言的最初散播方式可跟独角兽关有着相似之处.奶牛关曾来自暗黑1里的一个暗黑迷传闻,他最早在1999年通过一张幽默的愚人节截图取笑了这个关卡.暗黑3的开发团队不会为加上一个搞笑的神秘关卡后悔,但暴雪设计师们总是展现出很好的幽默感,像暗黑2里著名而又有趣的奶牛关一样,要把暗黑3的秘密关卡带到那样的高度设计师们一定会感到很有压力.在暗黑3内测的过程中,数据包的拆解揭开了无数的线索和暗示--这种秘密关卡肯定在游戏中,这其中还包括了一张神秘的工匠配方(在下方展示):
[[File:Easter-staff-herding-beta-code1.jpg|center|thumb|800px|Staff of Herding的制作配方, 来自[[铁匠]], Beta patch 10.]]
==Non-Game Diablo 3 Easter Eggs==
==Non-Game Diablo 3 Easter Eggs==

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This section of wall from the Act One Cathedral was spotted by at least two fansduring the Diablo 3 Beta test. It lists four names, all environmental artists from Diablo III. They are: 在暗黑3beta的过程中,这段大教堂墙壁至少被两位暗黑迷[1][2]发现.上面写了四位环境美工的名字.他们是:




有些时候在大教堂花园里能遇到这只异常稀有,独一无二的暗金怪物.在第一章早期,崔斯特瑞姆大教堂外的第一个传送点附近就能找到他.麦基利最早是在BETA里被发现的,他的详细资料请见此网站.这只怪物是个巨型骷髅,他的全名是"Caretaker McCree,Deceased Mustachioed Groundskeeper".这个怪物貌似恶搞了"森普森一家"里的看守者威利(Groundskeeper Willie).而其名字则取自一名叫Jesse McCree的暴雪员工,这家伙以魔兽世界的工作最为闻名。他的大波胡现状不详.


Rainbow 独角兽的彩虹攻击,由Bashiok创作.

暗黑3公布不久后,独角兽兽彩虹关卡很可能是最早被提出来的关卡级彩蛋了.早期的粉丝们抱怨暗黑3的气氛过于欢乐,鲜艳.这些抱怨随后则演变成了艺术辩论.接着从这场艺术辩论里又诞生了无数有关彩虹,独角兽和欢乐云彩之类的笑话.暗黑3的开发团队则把这些点子恶搞到了-2008暴雪嘉年华的T恤衫上],并受到了广泛的欢迎.几个月后,暗黑3社区经理Bashiok又PS了一张游戏截图,截图里的独角兽对怪物们施放了致命的"爱心连击", 可那明显就是独角兽放的一道彩虹屁。在那之后彩虹关的传言便散播开了.如果这看起来并不现实,那么想想暗黑2,当年奶牛关传言的最初散播方式可跟独角兽关有着相似之处.奶牛关曾来自暗黑1里的一个暗黑迷传闻,他最早在1999年通过一张幽默的愚人节截图取笑了这个关卡.暗黑3的开发团队不会为加上一个搞笑的神秘关卡后悔,但暴雪设计师们总是展现出很好的幽默感,像暗黑2里著名而又有趣的奶牛关一样,要把暗黑3的秘密关卡带到那样的高度设计师们一定会感到很有压力.在暗黑3内测的过程中,数据包的拆解揭开了无数的线索和暗示--这种秘密关卡肯定在游戏中,这其中还包括了一张神秘的工匠配方(在下方展示):

Staff of Herding的制作配方, 来自铁匠, Beta patch 10.

Non-Game Diablo 3 Easter Eggs

These are Easter Eggs related to Diablo III that Blizzard released in other means than through the game, such as through screenshots or news posts.

Random Character Builder

Blizzard's Diablo III game info site includes a character builder that allows players to experiment with all of the active skills, passive skills, and runestones for each class. Sometime in September 2011[3] fans noticed that a click of the chat gem looking object at the bottom of the page would generate a random build. This is purely an Easter Egg as it has no function or utility; it's just a fun little bonus feature.

Diablo NYAN Space Cow

This Easter Egg was served up through the Battle.net log in screen, during the early days of the Diablo III beta. A hidden text entry box in the forum account only accessible to Diablo 3 beta testers seemed without function, until after various hints and guesses, a fan figured out that "starcow" was the correct phrase to unlock a special animation of a space cow playing Nyan Cat music.

Christmas 2010 Barbarian Santa

Barbarian Santa.

Blizzard released this image of a demonic-looking Barbarian Santa Claus as a special holiday image for Christmas 2010. The image was also included on the December page in the 2010 Diablo III wall calendar. It appears to be a regular piece of Barbarian concept art that's been modified for the season, with the hat and Barbarian costume, the elf (a Fallen Imp) added and given a hat, the presents, the snow, etc.

Diablo 2 Act Five Mercenary Name Change

This mysterious event occurred when the D2 v1.13 patch was released in 2009. The patch.txt said that two Mercenary names, "Klar" and "Tryneus" were added, and when fans dug into the code they discovered: <ref> 模板:Cite web</ref>

In 1.13, MercX136 is called 'Klar', in 1.12 it was 'Weohstan'.
In 1.13, MercX135 is called 'Tryneus', in 1.12 it was 'Erfor'.

Blizzard has offered no explanation for this inexplicable change. There is some fan speculation that it's meant to set up some plot development in Diablo 3, since there didn't seem any other reason to change those two merc names eight years after D2X was released. If there's some plot reason to use the names of two Act Five mercs in Diablo 3, Blizzard could easily have just used two existing merc names. That they changed the names in this fashion, intentionally calling attention to their actions, makes it seem meaningful.



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